About KFL


What makes Kickbox for Life different? It starts with the developer of the program, Mike Rozumek.
In a world of hype, ‘get fit quick’ schemes and the inauthentic, Mike has used his knowledge, real world experience and talents as a gifted athlete and martial artist to streamline and systematize an incredible 45 minute conditioning and self defense workout guaranteed to make every KFL student stronger, fitter, more capable of quick and decisive action.
A former state trooper, Mike experienced first hand the actions of those who hurt others. As a civilian he confronted and subdued a man who had stabbed a young mother and was the recipient of the Nashua Police Department’s award for heroism. A 7th degree black belt, a recognized and respected innovator and business leader, he owned and operated one of the largest martial arts schools in the country. Kickbox For Life was born there.
For the last 20 years, Mike has taught the KFL system, its purpose to better the lives of his students. He knows that conditioning is not an end in itself and self-defense absent a fit body, is an illusion. But by using self-defense techniques to gain fitness the KFL student develops the fluidity of movement, muscle strength and muscle memory needed for real world results. The KFL system helps the student to defend against an attack without the years of specialized martial arts training.
The 45 minute KFL workout creates more than just sweat. By kicking, punching, and striking the specially designed KFL bags to dynamic music Mike designed a fun, energetic program to increase cardio-vascular strength and give the student the tools of self-defense. A KFL student not only hits with force but has the conditioning needed to enjoy all aspects of a healthy life.